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Feel fitter, stronger, leaner in 60 days...

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january 15th 2024

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The Flamingo Project 

The project that really 

makes a difference 

What is it?

OMG. What is it? What do I eat? When do I eat? How do I eat? How hard is it? What happens if I can’t do the exercise? 

And why the hell is it called The Flamingo Project?

Calm down. And breathe…

The Flamingo Project basically evolved as an answer to all the things that we found lacking in other programmes out there. It is the fitness programme to achieve wellness. 

We wanted to have something that got the unwelcome fat off but made people fitter and healthier, not just thinner.  We wanted great food.  And we mean not just healthy food but food you can serve to friends and family without them recoiling in horror. We wanted balanced nutritional meals with really fresh ingredients and innovative healthy cooking techniques.

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The Flock

But what about the exercise? Dailies, Corkers, Flockers. What? Anyway, plenty of variety, lots of guidance and enough to get a sweat on.  But don’t worry about the exercise. Hundreds of ‘normal’ people who aren’t gym bunnies can’t be wrong. You’ll be fine. That’s our job.

If you love your food but keep thinking you need to shift a bit of timber then we are for you.  If you are slightly dubious about whether you fancy too much exercise but know you just need to do something, then we are your sort of people.

Have a look at the website. Send us an email to ask stuff if you need to. But do something. So many people have felt so wonderful because of the programme. You can’t match the euphoria at the end of programme ‘Flamingle’ night out.

And if you want to know why it’s called The Flamingo Project then the answer is on here somewhere.  When you know you know.     

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Jane Sykes

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"A programme to do when and how you want – in a group, live on zoom or in

your own time. I have loved being part of the flock and completing the latest Flamingo Challenge! It has definitely helped to cement some of the life changes I made during the first challenge I completed.
I love all the meals and many are now permanent additions to our weekly menus - top favourites are Satay Chicken, Vietnamese Prawns and Flamingo Pizza. The exercise side of the programme is very accessible with all classes being online, all led by the amazing Sarita and Heidi. I have lost weight, lost inches, dropped a dress size, sleep better and feel generally more alert - what’s not to like!! If you’re considering taking part in a Flamingo challenge I would say absolutely go for it, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain."

 may 2022 Project

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Feel fit & fabulous 

january 2024 Project

prep week: 15TH january
challenge Start Date:22nd Janaury


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