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People have told us that the Flamingo Project just makes life so easy as you don’t really have to think about things. Our planner gives you a structure and tells you what to eat and when to eat.  No more opening the fridge and wondering what on earth is healthy or checking the book against the jar and its ingredients.  Just stick to the plan.     



Chopping Vegetables




filling meals

Our resident Chef Bunn is a foodie.  How else did he get so fat in a former life. And now he turns all those skills and his love of fresh ingredients and strong tastes into healthy dinners that you could serve for any meal, or even a dinner party.  Trust us, your friends wouldn’t even spot that some of our dishes are not on the naughty list. A step by step recipe guide is provided.     

Freshly Picked Food

There is

something for


It’s all nut cutlets and mushrooms isn't it?  Oh no it isn’t.  Our team have created a range of wonderful vegetarian dishes to cater for veggies and anyone who wants to switch occasionally.  You can chop and change between the menus as all meals are nutritionally balanced.     

Green Salad


Louise Scales

Louise Scales

“Chef Bunn, this red pepper sauce is delicious 👍 One of the best things about the flamingo is the food and especially the sauces! I feel like I don’t ever have to use “sauces from a jar” and I love knowing they’re

homemade and healthy!

oCT 2020 & Jan 2021 Project

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