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Don't believe us, see our Flamingo

transformations foR yourself

No-one likes doing their ‘before’ photos.  But everyone loves their ‘after’ photo.  And then you need the ‘before’ one don’t you? The comparisons here are just the ones where Flamingos wanted to publicly share their success.  There are lots of others.  Did you know that flamingos are only pink because of their shrimp diet.  They are therefore the perfect example of ‘you are what you eat’.  Imagine the ‘before’ picture as the little white fluffy flaminglet ready to be made wonderful.  The ‘after’ is the pink, gorgeous, flamazing, proud member of the flock.  Don’t you want to be the pink one?         

"I have just been on my first ever Flamingo journey and what a ride. The coaches are amazing and so supportive the whole way. The food and exercise programme is addictive but for all the right reasons. I have been able to finally beat some serious bad eating habits and have stopped being stuck in the same cycle of unhealthy eating and as a bonus I have lost weight (that I never thought I'd be able to) and am leaner than I was 60 days ago. Injury stopped me from being able to participate with all the exercise classes however I have been able to continue with those I can do and look forward to keeping them up in the long term. Thanks so much Sarita and her team and I look forward to joining again soon."

Jan 2021 Project

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