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The Food 

Experience tells us that many of our clients have been through all sorts of calorie counting or points based diets and programmes. They haven’t worked long term which is why they end up with us. Food is a fundamental part of what we do. We love food. Most of our clients have a love of food and they miss it when they are ‘dieting’. We provide nutritionally balanced meals with innovative recipes which truly challenge the expectations of healthy dinners.      

Healthy Salad


We provide a structured plan of exercise that builds gradually. There are short and sharp daily requirements, to build a core fitness, combined with twice weekly HIIT classes and a weekly challenge. You can access online in your own time or join with the rest of the flock in live classes    


Herbalife protein shakes are a fundamental part of the programme. Why? Because they help you get the best results. We know because we’ve been running this for years.  Have a look at our sixty year old leader Chief Flamingo and see how you think ten years plus of Herbalife is working out

for her!



Flamingos flock!  That’s the point.  You can’t do

it on your own.  The power of the flock comes through a dedicated Facebook page, the ongoing support of the coaches, the banter with fellow members and maybe even the friends or partners that you are doing it with. Our clients

keep coming back because they understand the importance of community.

Will Peck

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The Flamingo Project, without doubt, was and still is, a game changer for me in terms of improving my attitude to healthier eating and core strength. I lost a lot of weight but did so not feeling particularly hungry and, most importantly (to me), did it whilst building a lot of core muscle. Sarita and Richard (and all the other coaches) are terrifically motivating and supportive and go above and beyond to help people make a success of the program. However, they are not overbearing and tailor the experience to the individual. I would recommend to anyone in any physical shape wanting to eat more healthily, learn some delicious new meals, lose weight, shed unwanted fat and/or build core muscle. I'll be joining my third programme in a row in May and can't wait!

oCT 2020 & Jan 2021 Project

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