the founders 

A few years ago Chief Flamingo was running a successful health and wellness business and Chef Bunn was just a middle aged, podgy, rugby guy who has a penchant for red wine and mayonnaise. And then she got hold of him and he lost three stone. This was with food designed by him but strictly and painfully approved by her! And so was born The Flamingo Project.

Sarita Gray

Richard Bunn

Chief Flamingo 

Chef Flamingo 

Our slightly bonkers leader is a sixty year old constantly perky woman with a penchant for press ups, planking and brand new trainers. She’s always up for a fitness class, or trialing a new exercise routine or just devising a new name for one of her grueling regimes.  But she also loves a prosecco and a few cheeky nibbles.  It’s all about balance isn’t it.  Sarita is a former biology teacher with a degree in all that interesting stuff combined with a decade helping people get healthier. Her knowledge and enthusiasm have got so many people over the line.


Chef Bunn also enjoys a glass of something nice with a few nibbles.  But generally it wouldn’t stop there.  The force for health and wellness was not strong in this one.  He liked food too much, and great flavours and fresh ingredients. But lovely food doesn’t have to be unhealthy and we think the Flamingo recipes will really surprise you both in terms of flavour and also what will also be enjoyed by the rest of the family. Chef Bunn pushes the boundaries with what ingredients can be included, and Chief Flamingo tries to stop him.  And that’s why it works.



 Chief Technical Officer 


Fitness Guru &  Trainer

Heidi runs many of the classes alongside Sarita and is what you might call ‘a bit sporty’.  She has competed at county level in both netball and athletics.  Scarily Heidi has trained with Fatima Whitbread in the javelin and shotput as well as being coached by world class practitioner Tom McNab. Basically you are in good hands and Heidi can advise on technique or alternative exercises if required


Right Hand Flamingo 

Sharon has a degree in Nursing and now specialises in diabetes.  Which is quite helpful to be honest as we do love a bit of nutritional expertise.  Sharon even provides online cookery demonstrations when flamingos need guidance and her healthy pancakes are legendary.  


Mr Spreadsheet - Lewis 

Qualified as a Chartered Electrical Engineer Rich now works as a product manager in IT and knows his way around a spreadsheet like no-one else.  Well certainly no-one else that we know.  Rich provides all our technical expertise and has been involved in producing videos, collating recipes, corralling photos…basically anything that involves a screen.  And he also smashes out all the exercises with Mrs Lewis in perfect unison.        


Zoe had a great transformation on one of our programmes and we asked her to join the team.  She is a fan of ‘pole fitness’ and we don’t mean the sort practiced in Warsaw.  Zoe can often be seen hanging upside down from a floor to ceiling thing. She is actually half Portuguese and loves nothing better than to be hanging around the pool in the Algarve, sipping something naughty and showing off her flamingo bikini body. Zoe loves her mindfulness and will help keep you on track, motivated and moving forward.

Mindfulness Guru